Niuskaln [pr. Nyus-kahln] is a planet in the  Iussevi Region, officially known as Fulnissivukom Niuskaln. It is the seventh largest planet in the system with a equatorial radius of 7,516km orbiting the star Selli at a distance of 157,258,376km.


The name Niuskaln comes from the dominant language and means "Great Land" from the ancient Nius Niosse "great" + Kalen "land"


During the old Galactic Imperial Rule, Niuskaln was officially known as Nuqileiz and was ruled by a Tiumum appointed by the galactic Emperor. After the collapse of the Empire, there followed nearly eight centuries of decay and fighting between various factions until the Nius people established a global government and renamed the planet as Niuskaln.

The day the first Emperor , Massk I, was proclaimed a new calendar was instituted marking the galactic year of 768 as year 1 NM. Under Massk's successors Nius power was strengthened with bases re-established on the inner two moons, Issipeln and Dioxipeln. By 451 NM, under the Empress Ajlis qel-Veixeu, the whole Selli system was under direct Niuskaln control. 

It was during the reign of Aljis' successor, the Emperor Giolssor IV, that the first external threat to Nius control came from a concerted attack by the Bojoac Navy from the nearby system of Boju. There followed two and a half years fighting but the Nius were finally successful in defeating the Bojoac but with great loss of life and ships. 

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